IBEW Local 58
Paul VanOss
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
etroit IBEW Local 58
"Empowering Workers, Changing Lives."


Michael Bellhorn, Chairman

Gym Mackey & Jim Peltier, Co-Chair

Members appointed by the President
Meets first Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM

“Members Helping Members is Why We Belong to a Union.”

The Benevolent Fund concept began at Local 58 in 1998. Its inception came together after a group of members noticed that not all of the Brothers and Sisters of this Local were receiving assistance in their time of need. Previous to the inception of this Committee if a member that was “well-known” suffered from catastrophic injury, illness, or even their untimely death, the “hat” was passed around on job sites and at meetings. Feeling that all members should have this same opportunity for assistance, members put together a group and brought it to the attention of the Business Manager and the Membership. A resolution was written and submitted to the Executive Board for their approval and it was accepted to start the Local 58 Benevolent Fund. The Committee has assisted hundreds of members and their families with your generous contributions. This Committee is a closed committee by appointment from the President of the Local.

The Fund raises money solely through Member donations. No General Fund monies are used to support the Committee. The party on Super Bowl Sunday became our primary fund-raising effort. The Committee has since purchased and sold clothing items in the store to assist in fund-raising. We also have a Walleye Tournament the first weekend of May on the Detroit River.

After the untimely passing of Brother Ken Fitzhenry, the Committee moved to change the name of our “Ox Roast on Super Bowl Sunday” to “The Benevolent Fund Annual Ken Fitzhenry Fund-raising Party on Super Bowl Sunday.”

Our Mission Statement is clear, in order to qualify for assistance it must be from catastrophic injury, illness, or the untimely death of a Member to assist the family in their time of need.

We are very grateful and appreciative for all of the donations received by the Membership and Contractors that allow us to function. We hope to continue on for many years in offering this assistance. Please support the Benevolent Fund when we have our fund raisers or by the purchase of clothing from the Local Union Store.



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