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As an IBEW contractor, we’ll work with you to provide an extensive pool of trained, skilled, professional electricians and technician. It’s our mission to create a productive and efficient work force to help you build and grow your business.
We understand that without the contractors, there is no work for our members.

Access Skilled,

Trained Electricians through our Large Labor Pool One of the most important reasons for being a union contractor is our large manpower pool. The growth of your business should not be limited by your access to qualified, trained electricians nor should constant workplace turnover.

The IBEW provides a consistent source of reliable, well-trained, and capable workers which reduces employer risk. Thanks to our extensive labor pool and inter local agreements, you won’t have to worry about finding the skilled workers you need to complete a project.

Our hiring (referral) system is simple: whether you’re looking for a licensed journeyman, low or high voltage technician, VDV, (Voice, Data Video) professional, controls expert or residential specialist, just request the workers you need, for as long as you need them. 

IBEW means stability: approximately 80% of our members work for the same contractor for at least two years.


Extensive Certified Apprenticeship Training 

IBEW state of the art training center means that you don’t have to spend your time and resources interviewing and selecting workers with the right qualifications and specialty certifications for your jobs.

Our federally-approved apprenticeship and continuing education training programs in residential, commercial, industrial and VDV provide you the foundation to build your business with a quality workforce. We work together with our affiliated contractors to create state-of-the-art training in all areas of the electrical construction industry. Programs include the latest safety training and specialty training in areas like renewable energy.

Apprentices are chosen from a large group of applicants to ensure a highly qualifed workforce and improved productivity. Your existing Apprentices will move into our program at their appropriate skill level when you become affiliated with IBEW, and they will receive the same training as apprentices chosen in the standard selection procedure.

Our Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee offers Continuing professional training and education to any contractor or member. These courses, including Code update classes, programmable controller instrumentation, fiber optics, first aid and many others help keep you ahead of the latest technology and code requirements. Whatever your needs, the training is available at no extra cost to you.

Our training centers are showplaces for the latest technology in our industry and are great places to illustrate to your customers, expertise, knowledge and the value proposition that a high level of training brings to your relationship with that customer. We encourage our affiliated contractors to bring customers to our training centers for a tour to reinforce the level of quality they are receiving on the job site.


No hassle Benefit Administration

As your business grows, so does the amount of resources you must allocate to the management of benefit plans and payroll. With IBEW affiliation, all paperwork associated with retirement plans and health insurance is part of the normal payroll report. You won’t have any additional administrative costs associated with establishing or maintaining our retirement and health insurance plans. You’ll be able to streamline your administrative efforts and focus on developing new customers and managing existing projects. 

Our health insurance plan is well-established and stable, you won’t be receiving “Notice of Increase” letters from your insurance carrier. As part of your contract with IBEW, insurance costs are negotiated and you and your staff may be eligible for these benefits.

Network and Support

Professional affiliation with National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) 
NECA affiliation provides services directly linked to the electrical construction industry; it’s like having an extra employee working for you. NECA is there to help you develop and run your business through management development and training in NECA’s Management Education Institute (MEI).

Whether it’s follow-up on contract compliance, inspection procedures, OSHA regulations, Davis-Bacon, or representing you in your own community with trade groups, architects, engineers, government agencies, and public relations or business development, NECA is there to help you.

Membership in NECA is not mandatory; it’s your choice, and our contractors tell us it’s a smart one.


For more information, Please contact our Business Development Team 



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