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A message from Craig Young, our Benefits Director:

Dear SUB Fund participants, 

It was brought to my attention by Benesys today that the W2 tax forms that were mailed out by January 31st to SUB Fund participants who had income from the Fund in 2020 contained errors, specifically on the lower section of the forms. Benesys is a company that the Benefits Office has used for their record keeping software and tax document production for several decades.  Benesys has assured me that corrected forms will be mailed on Monday. I know many of you are anxious to file your taxes,, so Benesys has also assured me that the Benefits Office will have the capability of obtaining individual W2 forms early this week that can be emailed to participants at their request. 

I assure you that the preliminary w2 reports the Benefits Office reviewed were accurate. Unfortunately it appears the file sent from Benesys to their tax form vendor contained the errors, and I will hold Benesys accountable for this.

I apologize on their behalf for any inconvenience this had caused.

Please call the Benefits Office on Monday if you are interested in receiving a W2 via email at (586) 575-9200

Craig Young

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